La Colonie, “Penser dans l’action”

28 novembre 2018 - de 19h à 21h
La Colonie, 128 rue de LaFayette - 75010 PARIS
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On November 28th 2018, La Colonie, the Parisian meeting place founded by Kader Attia, a public debate concerning the May 68 general strike as well as the current “Gilets Jaunes” outburst.

Jean-Pierre Duteuil introduced the new up-dated illustrated edition of his classical essay “Nanterre, before and during 68” published by Acratie. Michel Andrieu and Jacques Kebadian screened and commented on the outstanding documentary film shot on the spot, during the May 68 General strike, in the factories and schools occupied by the radical workers and students, thus directly recording the discourse of the women and men of the grass roots action comities which, until then, had been mostly suppressed or ignored by the power elite and party or union bureaucrats.

After the screening Toni Negri and Jean-Jacques Lebel debated with the audience on the most subversive and innovative components of the May 68 mass movement: the embryonic occurrences of self-government and direct democracy which spread across France as well as Italy, Germany, England, the USA, Japan, Mexico, Czechoslovakia and elsewhere in the sixties.

De gauche à droite: Toni Negri (micro en main),Jean-Jacques Lebel, Michel Andrieu, Jean-Pierre Duteuil, Jacques Kebadian, le 28 novembre 2018 à La Colonie. Photo Kader Attia.